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Luxury Quality Metal

LQM-105 can be lined with screen printing press, the foil stamping process that thermocompresses the foil to the thick UV varnish printing by screen press has a new creativity and functionality. This can increase the productivity of high-quality silk screen printing.



After curing the UV varnish printed on the substrate surface thick by screen printing, LQM-105 handle the process of thermocompressing the foil material to the varnish coating area in one pass. This makes it possible to improve productivity and profitability while getting high-precision hot stamping effects only at the necessary points without producing special molds.

Sample of hot stamping


  • Improving productivity by enabling screen printing and hot foil technology in one system.
  • Realizing high quality and high added value by forming the shape with thick UV varnish for screen printing and combining the foil.
  • High accuracy of registration because the foil has functionality and can be put on the whole surface or multiple imposition.
  • Versatility and low cost without using foil mold.
  • It can be installed as an optional processing function on an existing screen printing line (UV).

Configuration (LQM-105 Hot Foil Processing Line)

LQM-105 Hot Foil Processing Line

[ Stacker ] - [ LQM-105 ] - [ UV Dryer ] - [ Screen Printing Press ]


Model LQM-105
Substrates loading sizes Minimum 420 x 297mm
Maximum 1,050 x 750mm
Substrates Evaporated paper, plastic sheet,
Laminated material, metal plate,
various paper materials
Substrates thickness 0.075 to 0.8mm Automatic feeding
Up to 20mm Manual feeding
Works mode a) Partial foil mode (foil saving)
b) Continuous mode
c) Bypass mode