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Sakurai's screen calendar 2022

The 2022 calendar was with the cooperation of EZRA Corp. for design production, Naito Process Co. Ltd. for printing and the pre-press.

We printed using our MS-102SD servo drive cylinder press and LQM-105 EVOLUTION foil stamping machine under the theme of "Patterns that have transcended borders and time. Now, its wisdom into strength".

The calendar was designed with traditional patterns from around the world and drawn using a unique foil stamping printing technique, resulting in a drop-dead high quality and beauty.

For the central pattern, we used Miracle Vision Print Flash, a special screen-printing process patented by Naito Process Co. Ltd., and overlaid the foil with LQM-105 EVOLUTION.

The deep world of the pattern was expressed delicately and gorgeously.

More details about the MS-102SD servo drive cylinder press can be found here.
More details about the LQM-105 EVOLUTION foil stamping machine can be found here.

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