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Sakurai wins a Gold Leaf Award for the second year for its 2021 Screen Calendar

The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has announced that Sakurai was a Silver level winner in its 28th Annual Gold Leaf Awards Competition.

Sakurai was a Platinum level Sponsor of this year's competition, which attracted 237 entries. Gold, silver and bronze winners were honored more than 35 categories that utilized a wide range of specialty finishing techniques, from foil stamping and embossing to specialty UV coating, film laminating, laser cutting, die cutting, digital foil applications and more.

Sakurai's award winning 2021 screen calendar was adapted from artwork named "Post of Time", produced by Tamekane Yoshikatsu, a famous Japanese printmaker and was created using various hot foil stamping methods. The artwork is expressing the change of life by creating an abstract appearance and brilliant coloring of gold foil.

The printing process was done by screenprinting with Medium RC-SL6100 introduced by Jujo Chemical Co. Ltd in the first and then hot foil stamping with after-print type OCP Silver provided by Katani Co. Ltd using our Sakurai Maestro 102AX + LQM-105 Evolution screen press. Four-color LED-UV printing was also done on the hot foil using our Sakurai Oliver 580SDC offset press. The grain pattern was expressed by screen printing and hot foil stamping with each different design twice. It is considered that multicolor expression of hot foil can be done with hot foil stamping + hot foil stamping, hot-foil stamping + screen printing.

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